Good news update

Hi everybody,

Following Nij’s inspiration I just would like to highlight a few recent achievements of our group:

  • Congratulations to Nij, Wei, Yasmina and Qicheng for getting their perovskite tandem solar cell review paper accepted in Advanced Functional Materials (IF 15.2) !
  • Congratulations to Julian for getting 2 nice nanoparticle assembly papers accepted in ACS Nano (IF 13.3) and J. Phys. Chem. C (4.5) ( and
  • Congratulations to Mathias and Wei for getting their Nature Communications paper (IF 11.3) accepted on the perovskite twinning!!! (attached)
  • Congratulations to Mathias who won the best poster presentation award at the Asia-Pacific International Conference on Hybrid and Organic Photovoltaics (AP-HOPV17) in Yokohama, as well as another award at a conference in Wuhan.
  • Congratulations to Linton for winning an award for the best presentation at our Research Graduate Conference. 
  • And looong outstanding: Congratulations to Soon-Hock for being our last group member to be awarded his PhD end of last year and also for getting a recent job offer from Swinburn University!

Well done everybody – Keep it going!

Thanks again Nij for providing the extra-motivational Irish beverage which now has been sampled by the group in celebration of our success during the solar cell group meeting. 



P.S.: Yes I’m not good at taking selfies and I’m proud of it,…   🙂

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