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Group leader


Prof. Udo Bach
Prof. Udo Bach currently holds a joint appointment with Monash University and CSIRO. He has been an Australian Research Fellow since 2006 and a CSIRO OCE Science Leader since 2011. Prof. Bach has a strong background in the area of photovoltaics and nanofabrication. He received his PhD from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) and worked for 3 years in a technology start-up company in Dublin (Ireland). Subsequently he spent 15 months as a postdoc in the group of Prof. Paul Alivisatos at UC Berkeley (USA), before moving to Monash University in November 2005 to establishing his own research group. Prof. Bach is involved in fundamental and applied research in the area of perovskite and dye-sensitized solar cells. He has additional research activities in the area of nanofabrication, DNA-directed self-assembly, nanoprinting and plasmonics for sensing and photovoltaic applications. Email me: udo.bach@monash.edu

Postdoctoral fellows


Dr. Feng Li studied his PhD at the National University of Singapore, where he focused on charge separation and collection of dye-sensitized solar cells. Working since 2014 with Prof Bach, Feng’s research focus is on charge transport and transfer in thin-film solar cells by transient absorption, fluorescence and impedance. Email me: feng.li@monash.edu


Dr. Wei Li completed his PhD at the University of New South Wales in Photovoltaic engineering with supervisors Prof Martin Green and Dr Sergey Valarmov. Since coming to Monash early 2015, Wei’s research topic is perovskite solar cells and material micro-structure analysis by electron microscope. Email me: wei.li2@monash.edu


Dr. Askhat Jumabekov completed his PhD studies at Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich in Germany in Physical Chemistry. Askhat is based at the CSIRO as part of Prof. Bach’s group. His focus is on Hybrid organic-inorganic perovskite solar cells. Email me: Askhat.jumabekov@csiro.au


Dr. Lei Yang was born in China. He obtained his MSc and PhD at Uppsala University in Sweden. Under the supervision by Professor Anders Hagfeldt, his PhD study was mainly focused on Solid-state Dye-sensitized Solar Cells (sDSCs) and Perovskite Solar Cells, in particular, on investigating different Hole-Transport Materials (HTMs) including small organic molecules and conducting polymers. Email me: Lei.Yang2@monash.edu


Dr. Niraj Lal is an OCE Science Team Leader Postdoctoral Researcher at Monash University. His interests are in nanophotonics for solar cell applications and science communication. Niraj graduated as a Gates Scholar with a PhD in physics from the University of Cambridge before working as an ARENA Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the ANU. More info can be seen at his website here. Email me: niraj.lal@monash.edu

Post-Graduate students

Soon Hock

Mr. Soon Hock Ng completed his BSc./BEng. in astrophysics and materials engineering here at Monash University. Soon Hock is based at the Melbourne Centre for Nanofabrication (MCN) and his research topic is DNA self-assembly of gold nanoparticles. Soon Hock is currently completing his thesis. Email me: soonhock.ng@monash.edu


Mr. Julian Lloyd studied his BSc. in Physics and MSc. in condensed mater physics at Technische Universität München Germany before coming to join Prof. Bach in 2014. Julian is based at Melbourne Centre for Nanofabrication (MCN) and his research topic is the Electrostatic self-assembly of nanoparticles structures. Email me: julian.lloyd@monash.edu


Miss. Rebecca Milhuisen completed her BSc./BEng in Mathematics, Physics and Materials Engineering here at Monash University. Currently working with Prof. Udo Bach, her research topic is solid-state charge transport materials for DCS’s. Email me: rebecca.milhuisen@monash.edu


Mr. Qicheng Hou studied in the field of Materials Engineering, completing his Bachelor of Engineering here at Monash University. His research topic with Prof. Bach is focusing on High Performance Perovskite/Silicon Tandem Solar Cells. Email me: qicheng.hou@monash.edu


Mr. Xiongfeng Lin, Linton completed his Bachelor of Materials Engineering under The China Linkage Engineering Program, a co-operative program between Central South University in China and Monash University. Linton’s research topic is Interfacial engineering of perovskite based photovoltaic devices. Email me: xiongfeng.lin@monash.edu


Mr. Wenxin Mao completed his Masters in Chemical Engineering at the Dalian University of Technology in China and came to Monash University in 2015. Wenxin’s research topic is Synthesis and application of perovskite based novel materials. Email: Wenxin.Mao@monash.edu


Miss. Dorota Bącal completed both her BSc in Physics and MSc in Physics at the University of Rzeszów, Poland, where she studied silicon and Cds/CdTe solar cells. Coming to Australia in 2016 to work with Prof Bach has enabled Dorota to start with her research interest in the area of Back-contact solar cells. Email me: Dorota.Bacal@monash.edu


Miss. Boer Tan completed her Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Materials Engineering here at Monash University under The China Linkage Engineering Program. After working as a summer research student with Prof Bach, Boer is continuing with her studies in the area of Back-contact Perovskite Solar Cells. Email me: boer.tan@monash.edu



Dr. Sebastian Fürer received is Master of Science in Chemistry in 2011 from the University of Basel in Switzerland. During his PhD he worked on dye-sensitized solar cells (DSCs) and completed it in 2015. At Monash he will develop new transition-metal solid state hole transporting materials (ssHTMs) for use in perovskite, dye-sensitized and p-type solar cells.


Mr David Nabben is currently completing his Bachelor of Physics at University of Konstanz, Germany. David is visiting our research group to write up his Bachelor Thesis on perovskite solar cells as a successful candidate of DAAD-scholarship program PROMOS (financed by the Federal Government Department for Education and Research - BMBF).


Jessica Alves is currently a materials engineering undergraduate student from UFABC - Brazil and an exchange student in Monash University. First degree of Science and Technology bachelor was completed in 2015 at the same university. She is an enthusiastic student and aims to use the knowledge acquired on the development of valuable materials and devices.

Arriving soon

Past students

Mr. Rishabh Bhargava (2016)
Dr. Kalim Kashif (2014)
Dr. Satvasheel Powar (2013)
Dr. Philipp Reineck (2013)
Dr. Akhil Gupta (2013)
Dr. Thibaut Thai (2013)
Dr. Torben Daeneke (2012)
Dr. Dongchuan Fu (2012)
Dr. Yuanhui Zheng (2011)
Dr. Andrew Nattestad (2010)
Dr. Cecilia Lalander (2010)